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A simple genetic test with your saliva may reveal important information for your doctor. It’s easy and painless. And you can have your results in as soon as 2 weeks!

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Autism Awareness – Mitospectra, improve the quality of life

According to statistics, about 1% of the world population suffers from autism spectrum disorder. In the US alone, 1 out of 68 birth will develop ASD. Children with ASD generally have narrow interest, and has a pattern of stubborn behavior.

In recent study of identical twins, if one has autism, the probability of the other one to develop ASD is 90%. However, most patients have no family history of autism. Thus, gene mutation is one of the main factors of ASD.

During the last two decades, scientists have made a connection between autism and mitochondrial function. In 2009, researchers from Johns Hopkins University produced guidelines for the treatment of patients with autism who have mitochondrial failure. They recommend a specific combination of vitamins and supplements to restore the function of mitochondria and improve brain chemistry. MitoSpectra is a convenient blend of recommended, essential nutrients in a pre-packaged power or capsule form. The unique formulation can be mixed with juice or food and is tasteless and odorless.

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